Friday, Sept 21: Melzingah- Beacon, NY  6-9PM    solo/acoustic


Wednesday, Oct 10: The View at Morgan Hill C.C.- Easton, PA   6-9PM    solo/acoustic

Friday, Oct 19: Bowery Electric- NY, NY  8:30PM     with Shepard the Breeze

Thursday, Oct 25: Graeni Hatturinn- Akureyri, Iceland   9PM     with Shepard the Breeze

Friday, Oct 26: The Dillon- Reykjavik, Iceland   9PM    with Shepard the Breeze


Latest News

Hear Chris in his new band, Shepard the Breeze, co-founded with guitarist Jay Shepard, a product of South Carolina and one of the deadliest guitar players on the New York rock scene. The two of them locked themselves into a basement studio in Harlem and emerged with 3 albums worth of material steeped in Southern, modern, and classic rock, the Blues, Americana, and the perfect amount of the rock of the 90's- the first of which is their debut self-titled album, Shepard the Breeze.

Hear it and purchase downloads or CDs before its official release at

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