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From "Unsung Hero" magazine:

        "Single malt in hand, Joe Cocker ambles backstage and finds Janis sipping sweet oblivion. Tonight is a good night. It's June 1969, and on this particular evening in upstate New York, the legends make the beast with two backs. Loins collide-sweat, love, and afterwards a shared cigarette- as the encounter leaves young Janis ripe with child. The beautiful consequence is Chris "Breeze" Barczynski."

From Last Call with Carson Daly:

"One of my earliest childhood recollections is of being with my father in our family's living room, listening to his records on his homemade hi-fi stereo system. I remember being fascinated by the glow of the tubes lighting my father from behind and by being absolutely entertained by watching him dance, sing, march and conduct an imaginary drum and bugle corps, and play trumpet, soprano bugle, French horn, and baritone along with the music. Because of my father, I was making sound with his horns before I turned 3. I was exposed to classical music, polkas, drum and bugle corps competitions, parades, and marching bands, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, Sly and The Family Stone, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, The Carpenters, Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Little Richard, Dean Martin, Perry Como, The Beatles, and Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass to name of few. I took my father's original recipe for great music and added my own favorite flavors and influences from M.J. and Prince to Sam Cooke and Otis, E.L.O., Journey, and Foreigner to Grand Master Flash, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Gladys Knight, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf to Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Freddie Mercury, Steve Marriott, Paul Rodgers, and John Waite to U2, Radiohead and Tool.

...I know that the only thing in this world I have control over is to go out and sing every night like it could be my last, absolutely raw, exposed, and defenseless with as much conviction and passion, and energy, and love as I can dig from inside me in the moment. I've filtered all of those fantastic musical influences through my own DNA and experience, vibrating out of my own bones and sinew, in my own words, with my own voice, from my own soul. I do this because I love it...and I'm going to keep on doing it as long as I live." 

                                                                                                                                          Chris "Breeze" Barczynski


Chris "Breeze" Barczynski is a professional singer, journeyman musician, author, and former “Star Search” semi-finalist who has also performed on national television as a cast member for 2 seasons of “The Singing Bee” on NBC, and as a featured guest on “Last Call with Carson Daly," “The Early Show," and the WB’s “Daily Buzz." His voice can be heard on the hugely successful "Kidzbop" CD's and the Pokemon songs "Diamond and Pearl" and "Shadow of Darkrai." As lead singer of Harlem indie rock band, Citizens of Contrary Knowledge, he and the band were voted a Top 5 Best Independent Artist of 2009 by Internet Radio Magazine and also won the 2008 New Jersey Nets Battle of the Bands which earned them a performance at the Izod Arena in front of a crowd of 16,000. Citizens' music has enjoyed great success on college and internet radio, and has been featured on Showtime’s hit series, “The Tudors," as well as on College Sports TV and Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh” and “Zoey 101."


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