The Chronicles of the Music Man began as a letter to my nephew and godson, Jacob. Jacob's biological father, upon hearing from my sister that she was pregnant, thought that his best course of action was to disappear from both of their lives. Although Jacob now has a wonderful step-father, I wanted to give him the benefit of the wisdom I've gained from a life lived on "the road less traveled." I wanted to give him the best possible information about life and death, love and sex, women and relationships, God and religion, history and politics, right and wrong- the truth, as opposed to the well-intentioned (most times) misinformation that I was given by my parents, teachers, friends, preachers, government, media, culture, history books, etc. Mine has been a life in search of the truth, the truth about it all, and The Chronicles of the Music Man is testimony to that search.
    That letter to Jacob is now a blog and a soon to be published book- a compilation of my short stories, poetry, essays, and lyrics. I am also in the early stages of writing The Chronicles of the Music Man as an off-Broadway style production and recording it's companion soundtrack CD.
    To get a taste of "The Chronicles," follow this link: The Chronicles of the Music Man , and please, join in the conversation.